HTML5 template : better for your SEO and ready the future business.
CSS3 features : clean code, no image and no animation and a website easy to customize.

Responsive Design

A single design for all devices : mobiles, laptop, desktop ... This design should automatically adjust with your screen resolution.Make a test : Resize your browser !

Process Steps.


1. Defining the Project

Information Gathering. Questions have to be answered about the purpose of the website: what kind of business has to be decribed. Just providing informations or promote services, sell a product ? What are the common goals of the website ? What kind of website users (age, education, interests) have to be considered ? What kind of contents have to be published ?  Have a look and choose between various themes.


2. Stuctural Concepts and Design

Planing and developing an internal sitemap with all informations gathered from Step 1. With those informations content, website-navigation, pictures and the whole structure of the webpages have to be accomplished.


3. Client Feedback and Visualization

You have the choice to view the architecture to make proposals concerning contents, graphics and structure. Several templates for free are offered for your choice. Host services are also included and the website name hast to be specified and published for the google searchengine.


4. Website Development

All graphic elements, contents, template designs and informations have to be taken to build the website. At last all mudules are ending up in a Content Management System (CMS)



5. Trial Assessment

In a testarea all designed pages have to be tested. Several Internet Browsers (Opera, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.) are used to test the website in different ways.


6. Final Deployment

After receiving your final approval the website will be delivered. All files will be uploaded to our server. The domain will be published by connecting with the directory and now its viewable to the public.





No JS = No conflict = No problem

No javascript code in this template to prevent any conflict with your future extensions.
(except a safe file to enable the HTML5 and media queries on IE8-)

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